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The Anand Foundation was established as an organization with the avowed objective of appreciation of diversity in young minds through culture. The Foundation is focused to accomplish the work through the medium of performing and fine arts.

The Foundation seeks to provide an institutional enabling – framework for facilitation and as a channel of convergence for all participants be they artists, craftsmen, living treasures of oral tradition, students academic and cultural institutions, Corporates, NGO’s, Government and international organizations.


As a cultural heritage is transmitted down generations it provides us with a sense of shared identity, continuity and a cross-cultural channel of communication. Its evolution has already involved interaction with a range of individual and community experiences and conveys the best of our spiritual and aesthetic values. Culture therefore provide us with the preeminent vehicle for our advocacy. Since its inception as an idea the vision has grown to include Performing and Fine Arts, intangible oral traditions, customs, festive events and traditional craftsman ship.

Globalization represents another challenge and an opportunity for diversity and issues of identity. We believe civil society has to move towards concretization on initiatives.


We believe for the inculcation of the appreciation of diversity to initialize we need to promote fellowship amongst the student community from varied backgrounds (religious, ethnic, language, regions and international). Specifically then our projects, work and endeavors on the ground are designed to accomplish our mission goals in tangible and scalable projects.


Our method to achieve this is through involving (senior class) school and college students in tangible exercises over short periods of time (semesters) involving them with the performing and fine arts, and more specifically facilitating interaction and dialogue between students and living artists residing in their geographical orbit.

Our projects therefore involve students in

  • research,
  • collation,
  • publication
  • and dissemination

on the living artists and arts traditions in the national capital region of Delhi where we are currently restricting our area of work, till we move on to encompass a larger area.

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We also believe alternate and independent non-commercial channels using the latest information technology of cultural expression are vital to enable communities and groups in India to promote and sustain our cultural diversity. We are actively engaged in exploring the use of the new digital technologies for both audio as well as visual and the internet for dissemination and communication of our work.

The three pillars of our endeavor thus are

  • Young people
  • Technology
  • Facilitation