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This website is a free resource related primarily to the living intangible cultural heritage of the National Capital Region of Delhi.

The information on this website has been collated over the last 19 years by students who did internships with us, selecting different aspects of Delhi’s intangible heritage that interested them. These have been students ranging from School, Under graduate and post graduate level. Whereas a majority have been from Delhi, others have been from cities and town other than Delhi.

We seek to provide a creative platform for young people to freely explore the living intangible heritage of Delhi through interactions with living exponents of cultural expression, communities, crafts, artistic persuasions, cultural and social aspects as practiced by communities neighborhoods and people. Students come and work with us and on completion of an internship, and submission of their Internship project, we publish the students report. Over the years, students have covered many areas of Delhi’s living heritage. We keep trying to improve the site, trying to find order in a vast random array of subjects, but then isn’t that something like the pattern of our own lives.